FOD Takes on Keele's Student Union

Future of Dispense enters the exciting world of Student Union bars as Brewfitt partner with NUS to provide Universities with premium drink dispense. 

Brewfitt have entered an exciting partnership with NUS, following a successful Future of Dispense trial at Keele University’s Student Union. NUS have been proactively looking for an alternative to other dispense systems on the market in the hope of allowing Student Union bars to enjoy the many benefits of investing in new technology.

The 3 month trial at Keele Student Union, carried out earlier this year, drastically reduced the venues beer wastage by 50% and allowed them to implement a professional 3 week line cleaning routine. Mark Askew, Keele Student Union’s Bar Manager, noted the products tasted “brilliant” and there was a significant difference in the venues wastage, following the Future of Dispense trial.

Since completion of the trial, we have had a glowing testimonial in the NUS Insight Magazine’s May Issue and a successful NUS show in July. The Future of Dispense could be coming to a University bar near you...

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